Ukraine-Russia war latest: Ukraine pulls US tanks from frontline after ‘hunter-killer’ drone attacks | World news

Russia is struggling to contain its invasion of Ukraine without China’s help, the US secretary of state has said.

Antony Blinken – speaking in Beijing after talks with China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi – said he had “reiterated” serious concerns about Chinese supply components “fueling Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine”.

He added: “China is a major supplier of machine tools, microelectronics and nitrocellulose, which are crucial for making ammunition and rocket engines and other dual-use items that Moscow uses to bolster its defense industrial base,” he told a news conference. .

This industrial base “produces missiles, planes, tanks and other weapons that President Putin uses to invade a sovereign country,” he added.

These weapons are used to “destroy the power grid and other civilian infrastructure and kill innocent children, women and men,” Blinken said.

He continued: “Russia is struggling to sustain its attack on Ukraine without China’s support.

“In my meetings with NATO allies earlier this month and with our G7 partners last week, I heard the same message: the strengthening of Russia’s defense industrial base threatens not only the security of Ukraine, but the security of Europe.

“Beijing cannot achieve better relations with Europe while supporting Europe’s biggest security threat since the end of the Cold War.

“As we have told China for some time, ensuring transatlantic security is a key US interest.

“In today’s discussions, I made it clear that if China doesn’t address this issue, we will.”

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