Ukraine-Russia war latest: Russia vows to attack ‘Western arms stores’ after US aid bill passes | World news

We are suspending live coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak today announced a £500m military aid package for Ukraine – the UK’s biggest ever military pledge to the country.

Speaking in Warsaw, Poland, Mr. Sunak said: “An investment in Ukraine is an investment in our security.”

The prime minister also said he would put the UK’s own defense industry on “war footing” as he confirmed defense spending would rise to 2.5% of national income by 2030.

The announcements were praised by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who said the UK was “leading by example” for other NATO countries.

A potential Russian summer attack

Elsewhere, the head of Ukraine’s National Guard said Russia was planning “unpleasant surprises” in a potential summer offensive.

Alexander Pivnenko told Liga Net that the National Guard has not ruled out Russian attempts to target Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city.

Kharkiv and the surrounding region have been the focus of recent attacks in Moscow, which has suffered the most intense strikes.

Russia Vows to Attack ‘Western Arms Stores’

Russia’s defense minister said that once the US military aid package for Ukraine becomes law, Russia will “increase the intensity of its attacks on logistics centers and Western arms storage bases”.

Ukraine will receive provisions worth approximately $61 billion.

The bill will later be voted on in the US Senate, where it is expected to pass. Joe Biden has promised to sign it into law immediately after.

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