Ukraine-Russia war latest: “Big fire breaks out” in port city after missile strike; Russia “to change the focus on the battlefield” | World news

Three children were “taken out” from the territory occupied by Russia in Kherson, the governor of Ukraine said.

Oleksandr Prokudin said the 11-year-old girl and two boys, aged nine and 11, were receiving psychological support and medical attention after the “rescue mission”.

The governor said that 66 children from Kherson were returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

Kherson is one of the southernmost regions of Ukraine.

It takes its name from the regional capital in the northwest, which was the first major city to fall to the Russians after their invasion in 2022.

According to the Children of War database, Russia has confirmed at least 19,500 children since launching its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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