There have been several law enforcement shootings in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Several law enforcement officers were shot while investigating Monday’s shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, police said. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said on the social network that “multiple victims” were taken to the hospital.

A US Marshals Service task force made up of officers from multiple agencies was conducting an investigation when the shooting began, police said.

It is not yet known how many officers were injured or their condition.

People were urged to avoid the area in East Charlotte. According to the police, there was an active shooting at the scene.

Police said the SWAT team of the police department was mobilized to the scene.

Tyler Wilson told CBS affiliate WBTV He was working at home when he heard officers calling for someone to come out of the house next door.

“After that, it was just chaos,” Wilson told the station. “There were gunshots left and right. We had SWAT and US Marshals snipers set up in our bedrooms. An officer in our house was taking drugs with his hands. I don’t know if he got shot or if he hurt himself. It was pretty crazy, about 30 minutes of straight gunfire.

The video was published on the social network It appeared to show more than a dozen police cruisers and two officers at the scene.

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Multiple law enforcement officers were shot Monday in a neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, police said.

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