The UK is exiting recession with the fastest growth in two years

These indicators are an important pillar for the UK economy.

They should emphasize the fact that the recession at the end of last year was the mildest.

The government will use the figures, along with an expected drop in inflation over the next two weeks, to suggest the economy will return to normal.

Yesterday, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey told the BBC that the economy had turned around, but it was still not a strong recovery.

Even with growth officially returning this morning, the economy has barely grown in two years.

Earlier this week, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said in anticipation of today’s figures that the government would be fooling around and would “warn” the public about the strength of the economy.

The battle over the perception of the strength of the recovery is likely to be at the center of the general election campaign.

Both major parties insist they want to fight the economy of elections.

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