The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie says she landed a surprise gig in a “breaking news” post

Savannah Guthrie has a busy schedule as the host of one of America’s biggest morning news shows and has also written several best-selling books, not to mention balancing it all while raising two young children.

And now, it looks like the Today Show star will be adding another string to her bow, all thanks to Steve Carell!

on Tuesdays todayThe actor appeared on the show and revealed that if he did a third leading In the movie, Savannah was supposed to be in it too. In the video, which you can watch below, Savannah was excited about the news and shared a link to it on her Instagram shortly after it aired.

She wrote alongside the clip: “Host news I got cast in Anchorman 3 and it definitely wasn’t just polite,” with a crying laughing emoji.

Savannah has had a busy year so far, releasing a new book, Basically what God doesin February.

Savannah Guthrie said her ‘movie proposal’ was ‘current news’ after hilarious segment on Today

She was nervous about writing such a personal book, but she got a lot of support from her family and friends Today show Participates both in the writing process and after publication.

The book was a hit with readers from the start, and Amazon’s site even crashed for a day due to the high volume of customers trying to purchase a copy online.

Savannah may soon add the actress to her long list of roles

Savannah held a star-studded book launch party the week her book hit shelves, attended by her co-stars including Jenna Bush Hager, Hoda Kotby and Shaynell Jones, as well as Al Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts.

Her husband Michael Feldman and two children, 9-year-old Vale and seven-year-old Charles, were also in attendance, as were HELLO!.

Savannah Guthrie with her husband and children at a book launch in New York

Savannah dedicated her book to her two young children. The star is incredibly candid about her journey to motherhood and the challenges she faces, and as a result has helped many other women in similar situations feel less alone.

Savannah was 42 when she had her first child, but she said she didn’t delay having children on purpose. “I didn’t have my act together,” she admitted to People magazine.

Savannah Guthrie with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager at the book launch

“I was doing the best I could in my personal life, and my professional life was going well. So you know, you just stick with what works.

She was pregnant with Charles at the time of her comments and tearfully continued: “I think that’s why I feel such an intense level of gratitude for having a baby. Because I know how late the game is, you know?

Savannah with her husband Mike Feldman and their two children

“I’m a person of faith. It’s the biggest hug from God that I can imagine, having a baby. Having another one is just beyond.”

Savannah also opened to him today Co-host, Hoda Kotby, on the challenges of trying to become a second child a little later in life.

Savannah Guthrie and her children

“As I got older, when that didn’t happen to me, I was heartbroken for many years,” she said. The star admitted that although she was incredibly happy with her career, family was what she really wanted.

You work in a job like ours and it’s so public, people think, “Oh my God, this must have been what you’ve focused your whole life on. This must have been your dream. This must have been the only thing you were. It worked,” he added. “At the end of the day, all I wanted was to have a family.”

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