Sean Sezahai: 12-year-old boys found guilty of Wolverhampton murders

image caption, Sean Sezahai died at Wolverhampton Park in November

  • author, Caroline Gall
  • role, BBC News, West Midlands

Two 12-year-old boys have been found guilty of murdering a man who was stabbed in the heart with a machete.

Shaun Sezahai, 19, died in November last year after he was attacked in an unprovoked attack at Stallone’s playground in East Park, Wolverhampton.

The pair, who have not been named, are believed to be the youngest convicted of the crime since James Bulger’s killers were caught in 1993.

During the trial at Nottingham Crown Court, the boys tried to blame each other, but a jury convicted both of Mr Sezahai’s murder on Monday.

Warning: This court opinion contains details that may disturb some readers

Jurors heard they attacked the victim with such ferocity that the 16in (42.5cm) machete almost went through his body in one blow.

One defendant previously pleaded guilty to possessing a machete “without good reason or lawful authority,” while his co-defendant was sentenced on Monday on the same charge.

Mr Sezahai was originally from Anguilla in the Caribbean but traveled to the UK to get help with his sight and lived in Handsworth, Birmingham.

The teenager had cataracts that prevented him from receiving treatment in Anguilla and after successful surgery in Britain, he was able to start planning for his future and consider getting an education, said prosecutor Michelle Healy QC.

In an interview published after the verdict, Mr Sezahai’s parents Suresh and Maneshwari said they would never get over the loss of their son, who they described as a “very loving child”.

image source, Helen Tipper

image caption, The boys were carrying a 16-inch (42.5 cm) long machete that was passed between them on the day of the murder.

On November 13 he went to Wolverhampton with friends, while the two defendants were out together that afternoon, they met two girls of around the same age.

The court heard that one of the boys regularly carried a machete and that day it was between him and his co-accused.

Mr Sezahai and his friend went to the playgrounds and sat on a bench before going for a walk in the park and later returning to the bench where they encountered the two accused and the girl.

The court heard with a pair of co-defendants, one boy “deliberately lifted” Mr Sezahai by the shoulders.

When he asked what they were doing, one of the boys pulled a machete from his pants and Mr Sezahai shouted “run” to his friend.

His friend ran and when he looked back he saw Mr Sezahai on the floor surrounded by boys, the court heard.

Mr Sezahai was stabbed in the back, legs and skull with a machete and was also beaten.

He was struck with the gun so hard in his skull that “a chunk of bone actually came off”, jurors were told.

“He had lacerations to his leg and more importantly he had injuries from a machete that went through his body through his back, his ribs and his heart,” Ms Healy told the court.

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