Rodeo star Spencer Wright’s son opens eyes, lifts head days after river accident

The 3-year-old son of rodeo star Spencer Wright was able to lift his head and open his eyes after an accident left him unconscious for days. CBS News affiliate KUTV.

Levi Wright was following a toy tractor near the river near their home on May 21 when it got too close to the water and was swept away. CBS News previously reported. He was taken a mile downstream where he was found unconscious.

The child was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital, where he remains, according to social media posts by his mother, Callie Wright. On Friday, he wrote that “Levi is awake!” A few days later he was unconscious.

“We don’t know much, but the doctor said it’s okay to be excited about it, and I am!” he wrote. “My baby is very strict!”

A few hours later Wright explained that Levy “opened his eyes for a period of time, moving with purpose and looking less like just a reflex than before,” and said the family still had “a long and huge road ahead of them.”

“Spencer and I felt like he knew we were there and understood,” Wright wrote. “He’s been pretty sedated since then, but still has short periods of wakefulness. He woke up when we were talking to one of the doctors about his love of excavators and tractors!”

Wright said on Friday evening that Levi had an MRI that “wasn’t good” and showed results that left her and her husband “broken.”

“These are just pictures that indicate a certain quality of life,” she wrote. “Our real teller will be what Levi does in a few days. Please keep praying! I’m not going to give up on my son just yet.”

Wright said he continues to seek expertise from neurologists and other professionals, and that he and his wife plan to share fewer updates in the coming days.

Callie and Spencer Wright have three children, including Levi. Spencer Wright33 years old, ranked 40th in the world in bronc riding.

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