Politics Latest: PM over general election forecast – as warning over China ‘threat’ | Politics news

Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, now takes questions from journalists gathered to watch her speech, including our Political Correspondent Darren McCaffrey.

He questions whether it is Labour’s policy that economic success is not measured by data alone, but by how people feel about the UK.

If so, how does it happen?

Ms Reeves says: “At the end of the day, success is what people feel. Is there money in their bank balance, do they have enough to pay rent, mortgage, bills.

“That’s just not a reality for too many people today.”

He adds: “The sign of success is when people feel they are better off.”

Darren also asked about MoD hacking and whether the government is going far enough with China.

Ms Reeves says: “It’s deeply disturbing.”

The frontbencher adds that the UK “must work with China where it is in our national interest”.

But, he said, a “tough line” should be maintained in the areas of national security.

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