Poland and allies to deploy military aircraft in response to Russian missile strike on Ukraine

In a decisive response to the latest Russian missile attack on the territory of Ukraine, Poland and allied countries have deployed military aircraft, as evidenced by a tweet from the operational command of the Polish Armed Forces, published on May 26, 2024. The deployment took place on the night of May 26, following intense long-range aviation activity by the Russian Federation.
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Polish Air Force F-16C fighter jet, image archive. (Image source: Wikimedia)

On the night of May 25-26, 2024, significant missile strikes by Russian forces were targeted at various locations in Western Ukraine. This aggressive action marks the latest escalation since similar strikes were reported on the night of May 7-8, 2024.

In response to the threat, the Polish Armed Forces initiated all necessary procedures to ensure the security of Polish airspace. The operational command is actively monitoring the situation to respond promptly to any potential threat.

As of 2024, the Polish Air Force boasts a diverse and capable fleet of fighter aircraft, reflecting its commitment to national and regional security. The current inventory includes 13 MiG-29A multirole fighters and 6 MiG-29UB conversion variants originating from the Soviet Union. In addition, Poland operates 12 Soviet-era Su-22M4 fighter-bombers and 6 Su-22UM3K variants.

To further strengthen its air capabilities, Poland has ordered 32 F-35 Lightning II stealth multirole fighters from the United States. The existing fleet also includes 36 F-16C Fighting Falcon multirole fighters and 12 F-16D variants used for conversion exercises, both supplied by the United States. In addition, Poland operates 12 FA-50GF light multirole aircraft from the Republic of Korea, with an additional 36 PL variants on order.

Poland’s initiative to protect Ukraine’s airspace from European territory involves placing advanced air defense systems and fighter jets in strategic locations in Europe, creating a protective shield over Ukraine. This plan, which integrates radar and missile defense networks from NATO member states, aims to deter further aggression and ensure the safety of Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure. High-level discussions are underway to finalize operational details and coordinate the deployment of required resources.

The deployment of military aviation and the proposal to protect Ukrainian airspace underlines Poland’s proactive position in regional security and its solidarity with Ukraine in the face of ongoing aggression by the Russian Federation. The international community continues to closely monitor developments in the context of continued tensions in Eastern Europe.

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