PGA Championship live updates, leaderboards: Scotty Scheffler collapses after early morning arrest at Valhalla

Although the Rules of Golf call for a disqualification if a player is not on the tee at the start, the USGA rulebook allows for extenuating circumstances. Scheffler is expected to be on the phone at 10:08 a.m., but if he is not, he may be granted an exception. Exception 3. Here is the text of the rules from the USGA Rule 5.03 – Start of Round

A. When should the round start?

A player’s round begins when the player makes a stroke to start the first hole (see Rule 6.1a).

The player must start at (and not before) the starting time:

This means that the player must be ready to play at the starting time and starting point set by the committee.

The start time determined by the Committee shall be treated as the exact time (for example, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00:00 a.m., not anytime before 9:01 a.m.).

If the start time is delayed for any reason (such as weather, slow play by other groups, or the need for an umpire’s decision), it is not a violation of this rule if the player is present and ready to play when the player’s group is. can start

Penalty for violation of Rule 5.3a: Disqualification, except in these three cases:

Exception 1 – Player arrives at the starting point, ready to play, not more than five minutes late: the player incurs the general penalty applicable to the first hole.

Exception 2 – Player starts no more than five minutes early: The player incurs the general penalty applicable to the first hole.

Exception 3 – The Committee decides that exceptional circumstances prevented the player from starting on time: there is no violation of this rule and no penalty.

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