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There was a low chance of severe weather earlier this evening, but that chance has now disappeared. The rest of the evening is expected to be windy. We are again focusing on Saturday being the day to be weather aware for all severe weather patterns.

For a video and explanation of Saturday’s forecast, please visit our Storm Watch Alert Day article here.

A flood watch is in effect from 7:00 a.m. Saturday through 7:00 p.m. Sunday for most of the area due to 3-5″ of rain on the road.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with any storms this evening. Low will be 67 degrees with south wind 15 to 30 mph.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, with a high around 77. South wind 20 to 35 mph. Much remains to be seen in Saturday’s forecast. However, one thing we are sure of is that severe weather is expected. Storms can produce winds of 60 to 80 mph, baseball-sized hail and tornadoes. What we don’t know is when the storms will first start and what the storms will look like once they are up and gone. We have models that have morning showers and storms starting before 10:00 am in southwest Oklahoma and then we only have storm surges Saturday night. We also have models that have rain and clouds in the morning, but a storm is expected later in the day. That will be something we unfortunately won’t know for sure until the morning.

Another thing we don’t know is what the storm will look like. Some models like to keep the storms in clusters of supercells, while others have a large line of storms. We’ll get wind, hail, and tornadoes from either scenario, but supercells tend to favor hail and tornadoes over a line that favors wind and tornadoes.

One thing we don’t want is a sunny morning. If there is no cloud cover or morning showers/storms, the strong potential will be very high by the afternoon and is already high even during the morning storm. We’ll still have severe weather no matter what, but clouds and rain will help in the morning.

Saturday Night: Storms likely to continue to develop into a line of storms if they haven’t already. With a low around 59. Heavy rain is expected to continue during this time.

Sunday: We’ll still have to keep an eye on things as storms may re-emerge in the afternoon on the eastern side as well as Friday night. A high near 79, with a southwest wind 15 to 30 mph.

Additional storms are expected mid to late next week.

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