News: Van Oord’s Utrecht has arrived at the Itajaí-Açu Port Complex

A massive trailing suction bunker dredger (TSHD) has arrived at the Itajai-Aku Port Complex to facilitate ongoing maintenance operations in the access channel to the terminals.

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According to portTSHD Utrecht’s mission is to ensure the safe passage of large ships entering and leaving the port complex.

In addition, the works are planned to reduce the impact of flooding by restoring the depth of the channel to 14 meters and increasing the drainage of rainwater from the Itajai valley.

“It is necessary to maintain the depth of the river from 13 to 14 meters. Until December of this year, we have signed a contract with Van Oord, a Dutch company ranked among the top five global excavation companies.“, he said Fabio and VegaItajai Port Superintendent.

The vessel operating along the access channel will also carry out drainage in maneuvering basin I, located in front of the ports of Itajai and Navegantes.

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