News: Law enforcement warns of arrests and possible use of force against campus protesters; Many defy orders

Law enforcement urges students to leave the campus. [Video by Mark McKenna]

Law enforcement has warned protesters gathered at Cal Poly Humboldt tonight to disperse immediately. They say anyone who stays on campus faces arrest. In addition, the loud statement warned that law enforcement may eventually use “kinetic energy projectiles and chemical agents” to disperse the crowd.

The statement reads: “These devices can cause serious injury.” This statement means the escalation of the response to the protests that have been going on for several days.

Some student protesters on campus after the announcement appear unwilling to disperse. Video by Mark McKenna

The protests, which were initially sparked by students trying to protest the war in Gaza at Siemens Hall a week ago, saw a large number of students and members of the public calling on the university to withdraw its support from companies linked to Israel. Cease fire in Palestine and do not punish student protesters.

Participants of the student protest were setting up signs earlier today.

Participants of the student protest were setting up signs earlier today. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

In addition, there was also a movement to oust Cal Poly Humboldt President Tom Jackson and Chief of Staff Mark Johnson. Since last Monday, the campus has been the focus of rallies and demonstrations, attracting the attention of the national media, our local community and public officials.

The ACLU and many, including some local government officials, argued that threats of force could lead to unnecessary violence and injury.

Tensions are high on campus tonight, with protesters debating whether to disperse, facing possible arrests and warning measures. Before we could publish this, some device that a police officer identified through a scanner was allegedly detonated by protesters.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Below is our reporter Ryan Hutson’s live broadcast from campus:




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