New NYPD grooming and uniform rules for cops pushed by union

New York’s largest police union has sent a “cease and desist” letter to the NYPD demanding the department reverse “unilateral changes” to its grooming and appearance standards that will begin next month, the Daily News reported.

“It is already clear that these orders contain unilateral changes to the terms and conditions of employment that are binding on the trade,” wrote Frederick Wasselman, an attorney for the Police Benevolent Association.

The NYPD’s updated style guide, which bans attire such as shorts, tactical cargo pants and white turtlenecks, is expected to go into effect on May 6.

The department is also considering banning beards, unless officers have a medical or religious exemption. In 2020, the NYPD lifted its long-standing ban on facial hair, allowing officers to wear beards if they choose.

Union sends 'cease and desist' letter over NYPD's updated appearance protocols

By Louise Ribeiro for the NY Daily News

NYPD cops

Wasselman noted that NYPD police unions had a meeting about the new style standards on April 5, but never saw the new orders until they were published.

As the PBA and other police unions expressed concerns about the new orders, the May 6 deadline to comply with the new rules was extended indefinitely.

Wesselman asked the department to “immediately rescind” the orders until everyone comes to the bargaining table.

NYPD Inspector Paul Saraceno, who chaired the committee that reviewed police attire, believes the new orders will ensure the force has a uniform professional appearance.

“If you’re not aloof, if you’re sloppy, that speaks to who you are,” he said. We expect professionalism in all aspects.

An email to the department seeking comment on the cease and desist letter was not immediately returned.

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