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Liu Francisco, 52, of North Hollywood, walks the mile from his home to the B (Red) Line station in North Hollywood on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023. (Photo by Dean Musgrove, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

North Hollywood – The Endeavor Strengthening security on train linesMetro has officially launched a pilot program in North Hollywood that requires commuters to tap a fare card to exit a subway station.

The move aims to provide more assurance that people on trains will pay their fares to board the line. Sheriff Robert Luna said in recent comments that the vast majority of people arrested or jailed for wrongdoing in the transit system did not pay the proper boarding fee.

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Passengers are required to use their TAP card before boarding a bus or train. As part of a pilot program that began Tuesday, passengers exiting a Metro B (Red) Line train at the North Hollywood station will be required to re-snap their fare card to exit the station.

Metro officials described it as an effort to increase fare requirements, noting that people who don’t pay fares are subject to citations or removal from the system.

Similar programs are already in place on other systems, including Bay Area Rapid Transit, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority, according to Metro.

When exiting the station, tapping the TAP card will confirm that a valid fare has been paid for the trip. People who haven’t paid their fare when they board the train will be charged when they tap to exit, but those people can still be cited or removed from the transit system for failing to pay in advance.

“We also increased our teams’ visible presence at the North Hollywood station,” Metro reported. “This includes our Blue Shirts who provide assistance at ticket machines, our Metro Ambassadors who help riders navigate the system, connect you with resources and report problems they see, as well as our law enforcement partners and our transit safety officers.” who enforce a code of conduct.

“… We’re listening to your feedback, and this is one of the many steps we’re taking to improve the security and cleanliness of your system.”

Security on the transit system has been a hot topic in recent weeks, with a series of attacks on bus drivers and violence involving passengers, including Monday’s incident that allegedly involved a woman. A metro bus driver was attacked and robbed on Spring Street, south of Temple Street, stabbing a man On a Metro bus in the Linwood area, recently Death by shooting In bus passenger commerce and The stabbing death of a woman on the B Line train between North Hollywood and Studio City stations.

Metro’s board of directors last week approved a pair of motions aimed at beefing up security on the transit system in response to recent attacks involving riders and passengers. The motions approved by the Metro board include calls for the immediate deployment of more law enforcement to the transit system and stations, as well as exploring possible technology improvements that could be made on buses, trains and stations.

The council previously voted to expedite the purchase and installation of driver barriers on about 2,000 buses.

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