Mark Summers Says Producers Ambushed Him On ‘Silent Set’

Former Nickelodeon personality Mark Summers claims that the producers are “quiet on set.” He was ambushed and tricked by documentary film details when they were interviewed.

talk “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” The former host of “Double Dare” recalls Exits the interview During production, after we found out, the documentary was about the toxic environment and cyber abuse in the 90s.

“They asked me what I thought about Nick, and the first 10-12 seconds, as I understand it, in this documentary, I say these wonderful things. But they baited me and moved me,” Summers said in an interview published Thursday. Full interview It will be launched on Friday.

“They were ambushed. They never said what the documentary was about. So they showed me a video that I couldn’t believe was on Nickelodeon. And I said, ‘Okay, let’s stop the tape here. What are we doing?” he adds.

Investigation Discovery’s new exposé, “Silent on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids’ TV,” aired its first episode on March 17 and sparked a flurry of reactions from former child actors and others involved in Nickelodeon’s early years.

Former actor Drake Bell revealed in a documentary that he was sexually assaulted by dialogue coach Brian Peck during his time at the network, while many others have described a culture of abuse and misconduct.

Summers, who hosted the show “Double Dare” from 1986 to 1993, said he never worked with producer Dan Schneider, who was at the center of many of the allegations in the documentary.

“These people came in afterwards and took over our studios,” he said. “I have never met this man. I have no idea about any of these matters.”

When Summers found out about the producers’ angle, she said she walked off the set and later got a call from the show explaining that they would only use clips of her saying positive things about Nickelodeon.

However, when the show aired, Summers discovered that they also used footage of her reacting to suggestive scenes shown to her from Nickelodeon programs featuring child actors.

“I didn’t know anyone. But it was like I knew these people,” adds Summers.

He said he had scheduled a phone call with the producers on Thursday to discuss the matter.

“Suiet on Set” is set Release the fifth bonus episode on Sunday, which will pass on ID and max.

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