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– Freezing is possible on some mornings this week.
– It’s a quiet week for the most part.
– It is possible that rain will close the week with warming.


Today was certainly a little different from Saturday, wasn’t it. Lots of clouds and even a few showers to start our day. Some of us (south side) held our showers even longer in the afternoon, while most of the rest were cleared. Rain continues to move out of the area this afternoon and this evening, if we’re not already dry where you are, it won’t be long before we’re dry for everyone. The clouds will also start to drop and that should also provide some pretty quick cooling once you see that clearing. Areas that are cleaned faster will cool further, so keep that in mind. Most places will be in the lower 50s around 7pm and then return to the lower 40s to mid 40s by midnight.

Skies should clear overnight tonight and that should allow for some pretty quick cooling. It’s cool enough that it even warrants a frost advisory for some of us. Even if you’re not under it, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world to cover up the plants and plants tonight, because everyone’s going to be pretty cold. Most backyards (maybe not the Southside) should see at least the 30s to start Monday morning. It’s cooler than out west where frost would be a good bet – note that the growing season hasn’t started in yards west of Roanoke so there won’t be a frost advisory, however if you’ve already planted – you should take action.

We start out pretty cool on Monday afternoon, but rise pretty quickly with some sunshine (make sure you remove the vegetation!). quite dry too. This should allow for another fairly quick cool down on Monday night.

We are even warmer in anticipation of Tuesday. Back in the 70’s and not so cool on a Tuesday night. On Wednesday, we have more clouds and even a few showers as our next front passes through. Behind it, another cold front Wednesday night and Thursday morning, with frost still possible. We’re only getting back into the 60s on Thursday afternoon. Warming up over the weekend, but this is our next chance for more rain. Nothing too common, but what we’re looking at. Saturday now looks wetter than Sunday.

– Will

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