Live News Updates: Putin Replaces Defense Minister Amid Recent Advances Against Ukraine

08:17 (IST), May 13

15 people were killed in an attack on a residential building in Ukraine, according to Russia

At least 15 people were killed and 20 injured on Sunday when a block of Russian apartments collapsed after being hit by fragments from a Soviet-era missile launched by Ukraine and shot down by Russia, Russian officials said.

In one of the deadliest attacks on the Belgorod region to date, Ukraine launched what Russian officials said was a massive missile attack involving Tochka ballistic missiles and Adler and RM-70 Vampire (MLRS) multiple launch rocket systems.

Footage from the scene shows at least 10 floors of the building collapsing. Later, as emergency services cleared the rubble for survivors, the roof collapsed and people ran for their lives, dust and rubble falling behind them.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said the attack, which it described as a “terrorist attack on populated areas,” took place at 0840 GMT and involved at least 12 missiles.

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