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Sunak takes ‘unusual’ approach to election campaign – Tories try to ‘manipulate image’

We just heard ours Deputy Political Editor Sam Coateswho is in Inverness, where Rishi Sunak arrived in the last hour.

Sam explained that Scotland is the third UK country the Prime Minister is visiting today, saying: “Rishi Sunak knows he’s a creep.

“In fact, self-deprecation is quite a big part of his campaign, which is quite unusual for a prime minister.

“But then again, it’s pretty unusual for a prime minister to go into a country where he’s 20 points behind in the polls.”

He summed up the Prime Minister’s pitch by saying the world was a dangerous place with uncertainty at home and abroad and voters “can’t afford to change direction” and go to Labour.

What Sam was wondering about today on the campaign trail is “they’re not giant rallies with hundreds and hundreds of people.”

“There are quite tightly controlled affairs with several dozen, often invited persons, who in some cases are called to speak with the Prime Minister – they speak and then move on.

“Their whole purpose is to generate images for television cameras.”

Sam said he flew in a private jet “largely paid for by private donors” to get outside the city.

He also said the Tory party was “trying to manipulate the image” to make campaign events “look busy and warm” when, in reality, “they’re renting out huge spaces with proportionally not many people”.

“They hope it makes him active and real, and part of a community that understands people’s concerns.

“But it’s very far behind – the question is whether it will work.”

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