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freezing warning at night; Sunny and warm Thursday; A much warmer weekend; Keith will be updated LIVE at 9, 10 and 11

tonight: Clear, quite cold and frosty. A hard freeze is likely. Mid 20s in outlying areas to 30 degrees in more populated areas. light winds.

tomorrow: Frosty start, then mostly sunny, warmer in the afternoon. Close to 60 degrees. SE 5-10 mph.

tomorrow night: Mostly transparent and not cold. Mid 30s. SE 5 mph.

Friday: The morning sun gives way to the rising, afternoon clouds, much warmer and windier. Thunderstorms develop in the early evening. Showers and thunderstorms will continue Friday night. Mid 60s. SE 15-25 mph.

Saturday: Morning thunderstorms become partly sunny, much warmer, humid and windy. Upper 70s to 80 degrees. SSW 15-30 mph.

Sunday: Scattered thunderstorms around lunchtime, then becoming partly sunny, quite warm, humid and windy. Close to 80 degrees. SSW 15-30 mph.

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