It appears that North Korea has launched a missile

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North Korea launched a missile into the sea on Monday, Japan and South Korea said, hours after North Korea announced the launch of a missile believed to be carrying a second military intelligence satellite.

North Korea had earlier notified Japan’s coast guard of the launch of a “satellite missile” between Monday and June 3.

Japan’s prime minister’s office has canceled a missile alert issued after North Korea launched a missile over the island of Okinawa, saying the missile was not likely to have been fired toward its region.

North Korea launched its first military intelligence satellite into orbit last November as part of an effort to build a space-based surveillance network to deal with what it calls growing US-led military threats. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un later announced at a ruling party meeting that the country would launch three additional military spy satellites in 2024.

The United Nations has banned North Korea from launching any satellites, viewing them as screens to test its long-range missile technology. North Korea insists it has the right to launch satellites and test missiles. Kim said the spy satellites would allow his military to better monitor U.S. and South Korean military activities and enhance the threat posed by its nuclear missiles.

North Korea provides Japan with launch information as Japan’s coast guard coordinates and disseminates maritime security information in East Asia.

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