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Islamic Jihad has released a video of an Israeli hostage, according to the headquarters of the Hostage Families Forum.

The charity said the 30-second clip of Alexander Trufanov, known as Sasha, was released today and shows him identifying himself.

He also said that he will speak in the coming days about what happened to him and the other hostages in Gaza, The Times of Israel reported.

It is not known when the video was taken, but the 28-year-old spent about 235 days in captivity.

In response, the Families Forum said: “The evidence of Aleksandr (Sasha) Trufanov’s life is further evidence that the Israeli government must give a meaningful mandate to a negotiating team that will be able to reach an agreement on all returns. Hostages – alive before rehabilitation and killed before burial”.

The 28-year-old man was kidnapped from the Nir Oz area on October 7, along with his mother, Elena, grandmother, Tati and his girlfriend, Sapir Cohen, reports The Times of Israel.

All the women were released in a hostage deal in late November. His father, Vitaly Trufanov, was killed in a Hamas attack.

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