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By American Correspondent Mark Stone

This is another unprecedented moment for America. The son of the current president was convicted of three crimes by a federal court.

Beyond the gravity of the crime itself, the trial unraveled one family’s layered struggles and tragedies. It could be any number of American families—except it’s the nation’s first family.

At its heart, it is a story of addiction, loss, and grief that led to a criminal conviction. But since it’s about the Bidens, it’s also inevitably a story of politics and scandal.

The first family’s private disturbance took place in a public courtroom because one family member stole a gun.

This is a case that almost never went to trial. A plea deal was arranged – Hunter Biden would plead guilty to tax fraud and the gun charges would be dropped.

But the plan failed.

Just as Donald Trump was told he was not above the law, so was Joe Biden’s son. The trial began and history was made when the sitting president’s son entered the courtroom.

Lies to get a gun

The trial was focused on one document – the gun application form. Signed by Hunter and dated October 12, 2018, it has an “X” in one particular box – the cross that precipitated the case.

Hunter answered “no” when asked if appellant had a drug problem.

In a week of evidence, the prosecution successfully argued that was a lie.

Hunter Biden was addicted to and using cocaine, they concluded, around the time he bought the gun.

The jurors, who represented their own stark reflection of modern America because most of them had a family connection to addiction, were led through more than a week of evidence.

The complex web of relationships in the first family has been dissected in detail.

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