General election TV debate – live: Starmer beats Sunack on NHS and economy in first ITV showdown, new snap poll says

Sunack and Starmer share opening statements for the first general election debate

Sir Keir Starmer has beaten Rishi Sunak in Tuesday’s ITV Leaders Debate, a new snap poll has revealed.

Sawantha found that Sir Kiir beat Mr Sunak by 44% to 39%, beat the Prime Minister by 63% to 25% on the NHS and public services, on the economy by 52% to 36%, and on defense and security from 43% to 41%. It comes after a YouGov poll showed a different story, with Mr Sunack leading the Labor leader by 51 to 49.

Party leaders were slammed as they repeatedly clashed in Tuesday night’s debate on key issues including tax, immigration and NHS waiting times.

Debate moderator Julie Etchingham told the Labor and Conservative leaders to stop talking past each other several times when they met.

The general election campaign will take a back seat for a few days as the 80th anniversary of D-Day begins. Mr Sunack and Sir Keir will attend a UK national commemoration event in Portsmouth.

The next televised debate between the pair will take place later this month.


BREAKING: Treasury ignores Rishi Sunak’s £2,000 tax hike TV debate request

The Treasury has rejected Rishi Sunak’s claim that Labor will set taxes at £2,000 per household.

This would mean that each working family would pay £2,094 more in tax under a Labor government, the Prime Minister said.

Joe Middleton5 June 2024 08:41


Starmer’s disdain for Sunak won’t do him any favors in TV debates, poll guru says

Responding to last night’s televised debate, Professor John Curtis said there was no clear winner in last night’s clash between Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer.

recording telegraph He said the Prime Minister was “stubbornly” sticking to the attack lines, claiming the Labor leader would raise taxes, stop the boats and leave pensioners worse off.

However, Sir Keir’s responses were met with “disdain” by Mr Sunack rather than a ready response to the claims.

He writes: “It took him some time to counter the claim that taxes would rise by £2,000 a year.

“Actually, there was no response to the prospect of taxing pensions.” The trouble is, hate doesn’t win an argument.”

Prof Curtis added that the debate had offered voters no indication of what type of Britain the Labor leader wanted to create.

Joe Middleton5 June 2024 08:32


Starmer leads Sunak in debate, new snap poll says

Savannah pundits have found the Labor leader outperformed the Prime Minister in Tuesday’s ITV leaders’ debate.

In a snap poll, Savantha found Sir Keir Starmer 44% to 39% ahead of Rishi Sunak.

YouGov pollsters found Mr Sunack ahead of Sir Keir 51% to 49% in a separate snap poll yesterday.

Savanta found that Sir Kiir beat Mr Sunak by 63% to 25% on the NHS and public services, 52% to 36% on the economy and 43% to 41% on defense and security.

The firm’s polls also found that Sir Keir was “found to be the most honest” by Mr Sunac by 54% to 29% and that the Labor leader was “the calmest” by 51% to 36% for the Conservative prime minister.

Chris Hopkins, Savanta’s director of political research, said in a statement: “As of today, it felt as if the Prime Minister had the upper hand at times – particularly towards the end of the debate – and although our figures suggest she lost a bit, she probably still has It exceeded expectations.”

Sam Rkaina5 June 2024 07:53


Pictured: Starmer and Sunack go head-to-head in yesterday’s debate

(Jonathan Hordle/ITV/PA Wire)
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ICYMI: Polls give Sunak narrow win over Starmer after first Test clash

Rishi Sunak beat Sir Keir Starmer in a snap poll asking viewers who was better during tonight’s debate.

The YouGov poll showed narrow results, with Sunak receiving 51 percent of the vote and Starmer on 49 percent of the vote.

The prime minister welcomed the snap poll results as he sought to turn his party’s fortunes around in opinion polls.

Athena StavroJune 5, 2024 06:00


WATCH: Sunak laughed off for saying national service would be a ‘great opportunity’

Sunak laughed off what he said would be a “great opportunity” for national service

Athena StavroJune 5, 2024 at 05:00


Michael Gove: The debate was six minus for Rishi Sunak

Michael Gove has dismissed a YouGov poll that showed the public was divided over who won the debate, insisting it was a six-nil victory for Rishi Sunak, reports Archie Mitchell.

The retired senior minister told reporters after the contest that even failed Labor leader Ed Miliband had done better than Sir Keir Starmer.

And he said Sir Keir’s performance had left the Labor party in “confusion, confusion and despair”.

“They wanted to go into this general election, but Keir Starmer fell flat on his face,” Gove added.

Asked if the Tories were in turmoil over Nigel Farage’s decision to stand in the general election, Mr Gove said: “Reform is just the arm of the Labor Party.”

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Images: British watch first person

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Labor denies Starmer took “too long” to roll back the tax.

Shadow paymaster-general Jonathan Ashworth has denied that Sir Keir Starmer took too long to back down from Rishi Sunak’s claims that Labor would increase taxes by £2,000.

He told reporters: “He was very clear, he said it was absolute rubbish.

“You’re right, Rishi Sunak, very awkwardly, continued to interrupt Keir, so you can clearly see that Rishi Sunak is under some pressure, so I give you this, he continued to interrupt from time to time, but Keir said. This Sunak figure is absolute garbage for what it is. “

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Tell us who your winner is when Rishi Sunak vs Keir Starmer go head to head

After an hour of back and forth between Sir Keir and Mr Sunak, we want to know what you made of the ITV debate. Have you changed your mind?

Who was your winner on the night?

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