Eurovision 2024 latest: Chaos as Dutch singer gets axed and Irish star calls for ‘urgent attention’ over separate ‘serious’ incident | Ents & Arts News

A Eurovision expert and journalist said that the disqualification of a contestant so close to the grand final is “unprecedented”.

Speaking to Sky News from the media center at the Malmö Arena, Callum Rowe said it was unusual for Jost Clyne to broadcast from the show on the day of its performance.

“Today I spoke to my colleagues in this media center who have been around longer than I have and they have never experienced anything like this before,” he said.

He pointed to previous disqualifications, such as Russia’s ban for invading Ukraine in 2022 and Belarus’ axing in 2021 for sending a song deemed “anti-protest” – but he said it was announced prematurely.

“Of course, a disqualification this late on the day of the final is unprecedented and just represents another huge headache for the Eurovision organizers at a time when they have enough headaches to deal with already,” Mr Rowe said.

Speaking about the mood on the ground in the arena, he said that it is “not usually” different from previous song contests, there is no “frosty” atmosphere when Israel performs.

“It’s Eurovision, so hopefully tonight at 9pm local time the focus will be back on the music,” he said.

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