Challengers Hits 1 Million Views on Letterboxd

Don’t let the opening weekend doom fool you; Cinephilia is alive and well. This is reported by Letterboxd challengers, 2024’s most loathsome major motion picture so far has joined the One Million Watched Club. This means it has been marked as “viewed” by at least 1,000,000 Letterboxd users. “This is one of the top four fastest movies to reach a million views on Letterboxd,” they said in twitter. challengers Hit 1 mile 48 days after release. The film that hit this mark the fastest was from last year barbie, 22 days from the premiere and only 12 days from the theatrical release.

Information about this soon spread challengers It would be streaming (yay!) on MGM+ (who?). Social media users decried having to pay another subscription fee if they want to see the churro scene again. Well, someone keeps tweeting the entire movie. But it is no less optimal for repeated viewing.

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