Breaking News: Mavs Finals Tickets Aren’t Cheap!

We’re not here to set up a Mavs season. promise! But we wonder how the new ownership of the Dallas Mavericks is doing business. By the way: Expensive AF It’s expensive to attend a Mavs game in the Finals. The cheapest place will be $600; This is not a resale. The following is from FrontBurnervian, who has season tickets. I asked him how much he was paying to see the games, more than what the regular season was worth.

It’s a little tricky because the Mavs do what they call dynamic pricing during the regular season, which means what’s shown as the face value of each game changes. And season ticket holders pay less than the face value. I think our tickets come out to about $210 per seat for the game.

It turns out we’re paying $866 a game for the finals. They also gave season ticket holders the option to purchase additional tickets, but for them you won’t get the season ticket “discount”. The top row of the lower bowl corner (much worse than our tickets) was $1,400. $600 for the top row in the arena.

That’s what madness is. Our tickets for the regular season [41 games] was about $35,000. Our playoff invoice is over $30,000. (This will be adjusted for not having a maximum number of home games.) We are selling some playoff games to help cover the cost, something we have never done before.

So you might be thinking, “Whatever. That rich guy can just sell his seats if he doesn’t want to pay for them.’ not so fast. The Mavs don’t like it when their fans sell out. Same from FrontBurnervian:

A friend of mine bought a 25-game package to buy playoff tickets. He lives in the north. He told them that he would not be able to attend all the games and that he was going to sell some of the tickets. He thinks it was his mistake to list several games at once. The Mavs saw this and canceled the tickets. No warning.

So what does it all mean? First of all, it is difficult for the rich. There is no doubt. But also? When the Mavs return to Dallas for their home games, you’ll find the arena packed with more Celtics fans than you’d expect.

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