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Meteorologist Sam Coplin

Update Time: 8:45 AM 5/5/2024

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For Cinco de Mayo today, rain will persist throughout the day with a few more persistent pockets. This is mostly 0.25”-0.75” of precipitation with localized 1”+ totals. Winds will be gusty at 25 mph. Add in temperatures that only climb into the mid-50s, and it’s going to be a cool, raw and damp end to the weekend.

The rain tapers off tonight by early evening, the second half of the night looks drier with more patchy showers and fog may also develop. Lows will be in the upper 40s to low 50s.

After a potential AM fog, patchy rain and cloud, the afternoon will improve enough tomorrow, with highs back into the mid 70s. It remains nice and bright for Tuesday, again with highs in the mid-70s and uppers in the mid-70s in the sun from start to finish.

After that, we’re looking more unsettled for the middle and latter part of the week, with daily chances of showers and potentially thunderstorms, with highs averaging in the 60s to 70s. Neither day looks like a washout from start to finish, but expect more cloud with periods of rain (some could be steady) Wednesday. High temperatures will also strengthen with highs in the low 70s Wednesday and low 60s to mid 60s Saturday.


Cool, raw and damp


Wind: south southeast 10-15 m/h

Temps: 47-52 by noon

This is the case

Cool, raw and damp

Windy, constant shower

Wind: South Southeast 10-15 G-25 mph

High: 50-55


long shower early shower esp. to the east

Drier with some fog later

Wind: South Southeast 5 mph

Low: 47-52


Clouds with rain in the AM

Sunny, mild, dry PM

Wind: westward 5-15 m/h

HIGHS: 70-75

tomorrow night

Dry, mostly transparent

Quiet, cloudy fog

Wind: West Northwest light

Low: 45-50


Mostly sunny

warm, pleasant

Wind: West Northwest 5-15 m/h

High: 74-79



Rain and thunder, rain are possible

Wind: West 10-15 G-20 mph

High: 67-72

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